Lets Get It Started

I’ve been putting off actually posting the first real post for this blog. I’m a procrastinator that has a hard time with follow through… It’s a terrible combination – I take forever to start something, then, most of the time, I don’t finish it. Needless to say there are a lot of supplies around my house for projects un-started, and many half finished projects collecting dust. This blog has been terrifying me for months. The idea has been plaguing me for years. I really want this blog, but I know my weaknesses. The last thing I want to do is start a blog, create any kind of following (even if it’s two people) and then stop posting, walk away, or leave some great multi-part post unfinished.

So, for months, I’ve been researching blogging, making notes, and writing small unpublished posts – proto-posts, if you will. All in anticipation of “being ready”, with no actual goal in mind.

The truth is, I work best under pressure. Deadlines, due dates, peer pressure, firefights, imagined threats… all of these work well for me. I’m the person who writes my final an hour before it’s due, I clean my house as people are coming over. I finish decorations and fill goodie bags when the party is scheduled to start. I’m crazy. And I usually get it all done on time. Clearly, it has never failed epically, or I would have learned my lesson and stopped doing it this way.

So I’m trying to create some pressure for myself. I planned on starting April first, but my entire family was struck down with the stomach bug, followed by lingering general sickness. Yet another setback. But I took it as some kind of sign (not that I look for those things) since no one in my immediate family is usually ever sick. *knock on wood* So I battled through April, sick and unable to get anything in order, until last week, at which point I held a double birthday party and had to complete finals.

Now, here I am, in the beginning of May – No large events coming up, no critical due dates approaching. I’ve managed to start a bunch of new things, new plans, new homeschool routine, new organization, new home schedule. Things are working out well… so far.

In all of this, I keep thinking of all the posts I want to write, all the blogging I could be doing. I finally decide – just do it. Run with it.  Just having the blog is at least some pressure. Having some followers will add to that. And social media (which I’ve *gasp* never used before) will be even more pressure. Maybe the blog alone will keep the blog going… we’ll see.

But just in case that’s not enough, I’ve also started the #30daystoMontessori challenge. I’m very excited to expand on my knowledge and interest in Montessori teaching.

This whole website is supposed to be about intentional decisions, and I really want this blog to happen, so hopefully it will.


One thought on “Lets Get It Started

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